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Mental Health: Self Help

This guide will help you discover books and other resources to support your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.
Mental Health:
Self Help Resources

17 of the Best Walks in Greater Manchester

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Download and print!


Talk about your hunt:

Which item was your favorite?

Which was most difficult to find?

Which did you find first?

What senses did you use on your hunt? What did you smell in nature? Feel? Hear?

Follow up:

Keep a nature notebook. Include photos, drawings, pressed flowers and notes to record your outdoor observations.

Gather some nature “tools” to take on your outings: camera, magnifying glass, binoculars, jars to collect items.

MIND: Nature and Mental Health

Top Tips


Support Organisations

This is a list of some external support organisations that may support you with your health and wellbeing.

Cherish - Caring for Self-Harm

This website aims to share experiences of those who have provided support for others who self-harm, as well as helpful information and emerging research, in order to allow you to feel more supported during this time.