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IT Help guides: Library Computers and WiFi

IT Help Guide: Library Computers and WiFi

How to log on to computers

There are Computers linked to the network in our libraries. Some also have Macs or laptops.

To log in to campus computers and online resources, use the following details:


Username: student email address (

Password: initially set to tmc plus your date of birth (in tmcddmmyyyy format)


UCEN Students

Username: student email address (

Password: initially set to your date of birth (in ddmmyyyy format)


MOL students

Username: MOL email address (

Password: initially set to MolStu followed by your date of birth (in MolStuddmmyyyy format)



Username: staff email address (e.g.

UCEN staff:

Password: intially provided by your manager


Booking a computer


Book a computer up to a week ahead for a slot of up to 90 minutes. You can extended the booking at the end of your session if the computer has not been booked by another user.  You can also book a Mac or laptop if your library has them. Visit the library desk or call us to make a booking. You must log in before 10 minutes after the start time of the booking or the booking will disappear from the system. Let us know if you are going to be late and need to change the start time. 


Drop-in to use any computers that are available. If all the computers are being used, do talk to the library staff. They can put a booking on the system so that you get the next one that is available.

After logging on you will be allocated 60 or 90 minutes (dependent on your campus) which you can extend, unless there is a future booking.   

Warning messages will appear on screen 10, 5 and 3 minutes before your time runs out. Make sure to extend your time and save your work before the 3 minute warning - by then the computer is already logging you off. If you don't get the option to self-extend your time on the computer, ask at the library desk before your time runs out. 

The computers shut down automatically 10 minutes before library closing time. 

Remember to save your work as you go, any unsaved work will be lost. 

Save your work!

Remember to save your work regularly in the correct place. 

Your storage areas: 

Student Home Drive (H:)

Your student home drive (H:) is your personal storage area on the college network. On a college computer open My Computer look for your student number or staff ID. You cannot use the (H:) drive outside college. 

On college computers do not save to any other folder or the Desktop, or work will be cleared when you log off. Move any files from the downloads folder. 


You  also have online storage with Microsoft OneDrive. If you save your work to OneDrive you can open your files from anywhere, on any device. You can also share documents with others and work together.

​Students can access OneDrive via Student HUB

Students can use USBs and external hard drives but any larger than 8GB may be slow nor not work with college computers. Staff needing to use USBs should talk to their line manager.



In WiFi Settings choose TMC

Register with:

Username =

Password = usual college password


UCEN Students

In WiFi Settings choose TMC

Register with:

Username =

Password = usual college password



Select the LTE wireless network, login using your staff email address (e.g. and network password to connect to the Wi-fi. 

If you change your password...

Remember to update any devices you have connected to the Wi-fi. Tell your device to "Forget the Network" and reconnect using your new password. If you forget to do this you will be locked out as the device tries to connect with the "wrong" old password. Contact Library staff for help if this happens. 

TMC and UCEN Manchester IT Policy

Go to to see our full Information and Communication Technology Acceptable Use Policy.

Need Help?

If you need a quick chat about library resources please click on the 'Need Help?' tab to the right and speak to a member of the library team.

 Alternatively, you can: 

  Contact us by Telephone:

0161 674 1021

See FAQs for more help