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Study Skills: Proofreading Service

Study Skills:

The Proofreading Team

Our proofreading service is provided by a section of our library team. We may not know your specific subject inside out, but we understand what might be expected of you on your course. Our advice will be based on these expectations more than anything, and we can support you in a number of ways.

You can submit work for proofreading by emailing it to us:

What Do We Proofread?

We can proofread up to 2000 words for each piece of work you submit. If you submit something with a higher word count than this, we will read up to the 2000 word mark, and will provide feedback for that section only. We hope that our feedback will be clear enough for you to replicate in the rest of your work, and in any other assignments.

You can submit one piece of work per week, but if you need extra support you can book one to one study skills sessions either in a campus library or on Teams. These sessions are one hour long and can cover a number of topics ranging from how to use the library search, to where to start with your dissertation.

Need Help?

If you need a quick chat about library resources please click on the 'Need Help?' tab to the right and speak to a member of the library team.

 Alternatively, you can: 

  Contact us by Telephone:

0161 674 1021

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