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Study Skills: Information skills

Information Skills

What are Information Skills?

During your studies and in your career, you will need to develop the skills to find, evaluate and use information effectively and ethically. 

Better information skills will help you find and use better quality information, which will help you with research, assignments and revision. Beyond college, these skills will also be invaluable in your chosen career and in everyday life. 

Use the checklist below to start thinking critically about the information you use. 

Reference: IFLA, 2018. How to spot fake news. [online]. The Hague: IFLA. Available from: [Accessed 01/10/2018].

Fake News

Information Skills are essential to your studies, but also to our wider society. 

It’s crucial to understand how social media can distort the information we receive before we make up our minds. Developing critical information skills allows us to make informed decisions.

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Develop your Information Skills

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