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ESOL and EAL: Books and eBooks

About Books and eBooks

We have a large collection of both physical books and eBooks available to staff and students. Each one of our libraries has a physical collection of books suitable for courses that are taught at their campus, however you are welcome to borrow books from any of our libraries. All of our books are arranged on bookshelves, grouped by topic area. These topics and sub-topics are numbered and the books are in number order. So, when you search for a book using our online library search, each book will have a classmark (a number) and this is where you will find the book on the shelf.

You can access our eBooks by searching for something via our library search. If you prefer to read in large print you can change this in the eBook settings, along with background colour and the read aloud feature.

Below you will find a gallery of new books and eBooks that we have recently added to our collection. You will also find key books and eBooks for your subject area - you may recognise some of these from your reading list!

New Books and eBooks

Total Beginner Pre Entry


Jamal plans to turn

his childhood dream

into reality.

As house mate Dan

moves on with his life,

Jamal must look for

a new place to live

Tells about the

author's experience

of being bullied

as a child.

Frank didn’t have a

girlfriend, but he had a

Fiesta. The car became 

Frank’s hobby.

Jamal needs some

extra money. He wants

to get a job in the

computer shop.

Beginner Entry 1


Kate is feeling sad.

She decides to

bake a cake.

Kim makes her way

home from the club

after a row with

her boyfriend. 

It’s time for Asha and

Dev to become

a mum and a dad. 

Jed is homeless, but

he has a bed in a hostel.

He busks in town every

day with his dog, Bob.

With Bob’s help, today

turns out well.

Jim and his mates are

having a quiet drink and

a chat in the pub when

things take an

unexpected turn. 


Elementary Entry 1 and 2

Trina was the queen

of Rosedale High,

and if she didn't like

you, your life was hell.

Mr Bean doesn't

understand the world.

There are problems

for him everywhere.

Pam and Martin visit

Cambridge. Pam takes a

photo, but a man walks

in front of her.

Johnny English is a

Secret Service agent.

He often makes very

bad mistakes.

It is Lisa's first visit

to London.

She is going to learn



Pre-Intermediate 2 and 3

Serena Williams began

playing tennis when she

was just a child, and is

now an Olympic


Malala is known across

the world for her bravery,

resilience and hope

in the face of terrifying


Sometimes life is good,

and sometimes is

difficult. It is the same

for emperor penguins,

and for all animal families.

Rosa Parks, the woman

known for refusing to

give up her seat on the

bus, triggered a great

shift in the fight for civil rights. 

Climate change is

happening, now. But

it's not too late to

change the story.


Intermediate Entry 3 and Level 1

There are so many

amazing Muslim men

and women who have

changed our world. Who

will your next hero be?

This beautifully illustrated

book tells the extraordinary

story of Michelle Obama's

life, perfect for young

readers everywhere.

August Pullman was born

with a facial difference that,

up until now, has prevented

him from going to a

mainstream school.

Becky has a fabulous

flat in London's trendiest

neighborhood and a

wardrobe brimming with

clothes. The only trouble

is that she can't

actually afford it.

One girl's journey to

reconnect with her mother

and learn the truth about

her father in the tumultuous

times of the Jim Crow South.


Upper- Intermediate Level 1 and 2


Ex-military policeman

Jack Reacher is a drifter.

He's just passing through

Margrave, Georgia, and

in less than an hour, he's

arrested for murder.

This book tells the story

of Freddie Mercury,

one of the greatest

rock stars of all time.

These are the stories of

some of the women who

changed our world.

Read about the women

who fought to be

equal to men!

Slumdog Millionaire tells

the story of a poor,

eighteen-year-old waiter

in Mumbai called

Ram Mohammad Thomas.

Who are the British?

This book will tell you

about their lives,

TV programmes,

business, family, life,

pets – and the food.


Advanced Level 2

Five walk into detention,

only four come out alive.

Now a Netflix Series.

You don't know her,

but she knows you.

Now a major film.

Being an original thinker

can change the world.

Learn how to recognise a

great idea, to speak up for

yourself, to choose the right

time to act, and to manage

fear and doubt by standing

out from the crowd.

White Teeth is the story

of three very different

families who live close

together in London in the

1980s and 1990s.

The Bowdens are part-Jamaican;

the Iqbals are from Bangladesh;

and the Chalfens are white.

This book is about viruses

and was written during the

Covid-19 pandemic. Learn

about bacteria and

viruses -

from the common cold

to smallpox, polio, Ebola

and the Zika virus.