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ESOL and EAL: Subject Guide

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Welcome to Your Subject Guide

Here you will find resources suitable for TMC ESOL/EAL and community interpreting courses. These resources include: books and eBooks, online resources and journals.

Some courses require you to reference the sources you have used in your work. If you're not sure which referencing style you need to use, it is best to check with your tutor which referencing style your specific course requires.

For maths and English resources, visit the following pages:

Graphic Novels


The legend continues!

Stand by for adventures

with the world’s greatest

and most famous secret

agent, James Bond.

Alpha follows a

refugee man called

Alpha as he attempts

to join his family in

Europe. Deeply


Join the famous

superhero, Wolverine,

for his worst day ever!

Howl with laughter with

this book in the hilarious

full-colour, illustrated

series, Dog Man, from

the creator of Captain


A terrorist doesn't let

strangers into her flat because

they might be undercover police

or intelligence agents, but her

children bring friends

home and they run

all over the place.

Quick Reads

Evie loves running her

beach cafe in Cornwall

but with a baby on the way,

she's been told to put her

feet up. Let someone else

take over? Not likely.

The moving, uplifting

true story of an unlikely

friendship between a man

on the streets and the ginger

cat who adopts him and

helps him heal his life.

A modern retelling of

the classic West Side

Story, set in modern

day London at Notting

Hill Carnival!

A short story collection

featuring everything from

wronged wives to nosy

neighbours, from distant

dads to new-found family,

from secrets to lies, fresh

starts to false endings - and

everything in between...

Harry Virdee has a lot on his plate.

So when bodies start turning up,

the pressure is on to get the case

wrapped up as quickly as possible.

But the man behind the murders

is ruthless and things are getting

personal. Harry must think fast

and bend the rules if he wants

to keep his city, and his family, safe . . .


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