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Reading for Pleasure: Reading Challenge

Read Anything, Anywhere

Visit your campus library to sign up to our Reading Challenge and pick up a booklet!

There are 6 prize milestones - Valentine's Day, Spring Break, Easter and when you've read 3, 6 and 7+ books - and you will get a prize for each! If you make it to the end of the challenge, your name will also be thrown into a pot for another prize!

If you want to get involved, even just to read one or two books, make sure you pop down to your campus library to collect your booklet, and get stuck into a book, magazine, audiobook or ebook! Everything counts!

Fiction and NonFiction eBooks

5 Reasons Reading Is Good For Your Mental Health

1. Reduces stress & promotes relaxation, 2. Improves memory & concentration, 3. Expands your perspective & worldview, 4. Boosts empathy, 5. Allows you  to escape reality and develop your creatitvity

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​You can download eBooks and audio books through the BorrowBox service.


Note: You will need to join Manchester Public Libraries in order to use BorrowBox: register online here.


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