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Performing Arts: Books and eBooks

About Books and eBooks

We have a large collection of both physical books and eBooks available to staff and students. Each one of our libraries has a physical collection of books suitable for courses that are taught at their campus, however you are welcome to borrow books from any of our libraries. All of our books are arranged on bookshelves, grouped by topic area. These topics and sub-topics are numbered and the books are in number order. So, when you search for a book using our online library search, each book will have a classmark (a number) and this is where you will find the book on the shelf.

You can access our eBooks by searching for something via our library search. If you prefer to read in large print you can change this in the eBook settings, along with background colour and the read aloud feature.

Below you will find a gallery of new books and eBooks that we have recently added to our collection. You will also find key books and eBooks for your subject area - you may recognise some of these from your reading list!

Book Recommendations

Ebooks Recommendations

Key Books for Dance

Where to Find Books

We use class numbers to organise books into subject groups in the library. You will find the number on the spine of each book. Here is a selection of class numbers for performing arts.

Subject Class Number
18th Century English Drama 822.6
20th Century English Drama 822.9
Acting 792.028
American Drama 812
Ballet and Modern Dance 792.8 
Dance Types 793.3
English Drama 822
English Restoration 822.4
Monologues and Duologues 808.8045
Musical Theatre 792.6
Performance Studies 792.015
Shakespeare Plays 822.33  
Stage Design and Lighting 792.024
Theatre Directors 792.023
Theatre History 792.09
Theatre Make-up 792.027
Theatre Production 790.02
Theatre and Shakespeare 792.933
Theatre and Sound Management 792.025
Theatre Studies 792
Types of Production 792.022