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Human Resources: Help using your library

Accessing library resources

MOL courses are supported by the The Manchester College library service. The Manchester College pays a subscription to publishers which allows students to access academic eBooks, journal articles and databases. 

To take advantage of this and access these resources you will need to log in.

All of the resources recommended in this guide are available to MOL students as part of this subscription. If you come across a pay-wall or are struggling to access the resources you need, please contact us for help. 

Your login details

Username: MOL email address (

Password: initially set to MolStu followed by your date of birth (in ddmmyyyy format)


Searching with Discover

The easiest way to find and access library resources is by logging into Discover, the library's search engine.

Discover searches all of the library's journals, eBooks and databases and only shows you results which you have full access to. 

If you can't find what you need or are having trouble accessing resources, please contact us for help.

Searching for eBooks

The eBooks recommended in this subject guide are just a small sample of the thousands of eBooks you have access to. Use Discover to search the full collection.

On the left hand side of your search results there is a series of filters which you can use to narrow down your results. Checking "Ebook Limiter" will narrow down your results to just eBooks.

Proquest Ebook Central

You can also log into ProQuest Ebook Central to browse available eBooks. For more help using ProQuest Ebook Central, please visit our user guide or contact us

Searching for journal articles

For more help using Discover and performing advanced searches, please visit our user guide.

Accessing Online Resources

Access subscription Online Resources off-campus by logging in through the library webpages. You will find links on your subject guide, the A-Z of online resources or by searching Discover

Logging in via the library authenticates you as a student. If you find the same resources via Google or other routes, you may not get full access to them because you have not logged in as a student at The Manchester College, MOL or UCEN wherever you are taking your course depends on how you log in

For help logging into and using online resources, please contact us.