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How the Library Works: Borrowing, Reservations & Renewals

How It Works: Borrowing, Reserving and Renewing


To borrow items from the library you will need your student/staff ID card. Just take the item you would like to borrow to the library desk or self-issue machine to issue it to your Library Account.

Ask at the library desk about the number of items you can borrow.

Loans are for three weeks or one week depending on the item.


Return your items to the library desk or through the self-issue/return machine and follow the instructions on screen. You can return items to any campus library. If the library is closed look to see if there is a book return box outside the library.

Inter-Library Loans

If the item you want is at another campus library, ask at your library desk for an inter-library loan. 

We will transfer the item so that it is available for you to collect from your campus library. This takes 1-2 days. We will email when your reservation is ready to collect. We will keep it for you for seven days.

You can also visit other campus libraries, just remember your student/staff ID card.


If the item you want is already out on loan you can reserve it. This will stop the current borrower from renewing the item and when it is returned we will keep it for you for seven days. 

Ask to reserve items at the library desk or use the Library Catalogue: search for an item, log in and click Hold. 

We will email you when your reservation is ready to collect.


All books issued will now be automatically renewed for you, unless an item has been reserved for another reader, you will then receive a recall notice asking for this item to be returned.

Lost or Damaged Items

If an item on your Library Account is lost or damaged please let library staff at the help desk know as soon as possible. You can also contact us by email or phone. 

If the item is lost we will extend the loan to give you time to try to find it. 

You will be responsible for the item's replacement. You will be given the following options:

  • pay for the replacement cost of the item; or
  • provide your own replacement item (the same or a later edition in excellent condition). 

Your Library Account will be restricted until you pay for or replace the item. 

Library Account

Your Library Account lets you see what you have borrowed from the library, and make reservations. It is part of the Library Catalogue and it is available 24/7. 

How to log in:

Students: your username is your student number

Staff: your username is your staff number with 9 at the beginning, e.g. 9123456

Need Help?

If you need a quick chat about library resources please click on the 'Need Help?' tab to the right and speak to a member of the library team.

 Alternatively, you can: 

  Contact us by Telephone:

0161 674 1021

See FAQs for more help


We welcome recommendations for new items from staff and students. If you would like to suggest a specific book or resource for purchase email us