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eLaw Student: User Guide

About eLaw Student

eLaw Student is a comprehensive resource for law students. It features lectures, articles, cases, statutes and revision notes.

How to log in

1. Visit eLaw Student and click "Login" in the top right

2. Click "Login via your home organisation or institution"

3.  Type "The Manchester College"

4. You will be asked to sign in using your organizational account: your student/staff email address and network password

If you have trouble logging in contact us. 

How to find resources


The "search" button is useful if you want to find all references to something.

For example, an "All Documents" search on 'Lord Denning' would return over 300 documents containing references to this judge; and if you wanted to search for his judgments, then a search under "Cases" would show around 200.

Ask library staff for help if you can't find what you are looking for.


Select BTEC, A Level Law or Human Rights to view the units and modules available for each.

The lectures contain numerous links to the full and edited text of cases, Acts of Parliament, articles, videos and external websites. These will help you build your knowledge of a particular topic; make it more comprehensible; and introduce you to research.

At the end of each lecture, there is a revision chart which summarizes key information.

In the "downloads" section, there are revision notes which you can save and print.


Try to get into the habit of reading cases. They are useful in that the judge will declare what the law is on the particular matter in hand. They are also a superb source for quotes.

Cases are colour-coded: Cases in red italic are leading cases and of absolutely crucial importance. You should quote these in exams and assignments. Cases in red are important cases.


Acts of Parliament (i.e. statutes) are laid out here.


The Articles collection is a terrific resource for research and quotes. The collection contains extracts from legal journals, Government papers, historic documents, reports, consultation papers as well as newspaper articles.


This is an online legal dictionary. You can also double click on a word at any time to display its definition.