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Britannica ImageQuest: User Guide

About Britannica ImageQuest

Britannica ImageQuest is a database of over three million images from top international collections which have been rights-cleared. Each photo or illustration comes with complete metadata, including the source, the copyright holder, a caption, and keywords.

How to log in

When accessing Britannica ImageQuest on the college computers you will be automatically logged in.

If you are accessing from home, you will be asked to sign in using your organizational account. Login with your student/staff email address and network password.

How to search Britannica ImageQuest

ImageQuest has the same search method as Britannica Academic Encyclopedia. It has a very similar search view to Google with a search bar along the top. You can filter your results by database e.g. National Geographic images, only include clipart, or filter by shape (portrait/landscape). If you want to select multiple photos to download use the SELECT MULTIPLE IMAGES feature on the top right.

The video below gives you an introduction to the different ways to find what you need In ImageQuest:  

Key features

ImageQuest has lots of great features but here are a few highlights:

  • Access to ImageQuest from home - including your saved images.
  • Provides citations in different formats for all its images. This includes Harvard style. 
  • Option to create image albums for different projects to make images you've used easy to find again.
  • Filter your results “By Shape”, “By Collection” and by using the newly added “ONLY CLIP ART” feature.
  • Images can be downloaded to your computer desktop or Google drive, shared or printed.
  • Because they are free to use for educational purposes there are no copyright marks or stamps across the images.
  • Linked to Britannica Academic Encyclopedia so you can find related information and images easily.