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Printing, Copying and Scanning: About

Print credit

Students are given a starting credit for printing and copying, scanning is free. When your credit runs out you can pay for extra at the library desk.

Printing Prices

  • A4 black & white: 5p
  • A4 colour: 10p
  • A3 black & white: 10p
  • A3 colour: 20p

Default Print Settings

All printing is defaulted to black & white, double-sided. If you need to change these options, access the Printer Properties/Options menu in the application you are printing from.

Register your ID card with a printer

  • Tap your card on the reader on the printer
  • Tap Yes to register new card
  • User ID =
  • Password = usual college password
  • Next time your card will be read automatically
  • Tap Follow-you printing to print 
  • You will need to register again if you get a new ID card

> I have forgotten my password