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LGBT+ History Month: Home

Faces of 2021

Below are two short videos

LGBT+ History Month: Lily Parr - trailblazer with a 'kick like a mule' - BBC Sport


When I was your age it was illegal to be gay.  For some people its still very difficult to talk openly about their sexuality because of what people think and say but how different is it for young LGBT+ person to "come out" to family and friends compared to 25 Years ago

LGBT+: Teens and famous LGBT figures share their coming out stories - CBBC Newsround

GCSE Bitesize

GCSE Bitesize on articles to support LGBT+

The evolution of LGBT+ History Month

Dawn Langley Simmons was born Gordon Langley Hall in 1922, a novelist who had gender reassignment in the 1960's

The LGBT icons you need to know about

Behind many of our freedoms we take for granted today is someone who refused to take no for an answer


eBooks for Wellbeing: Body, Mind, Spirit

Curriculum links

These posters were produced by Kit Heyam of York LGBT History Month to help make LGBT history visible in the curriculum.

Click here to see the full collection.

Issues Online

Issues Online

eBooks and articles covering social issues including relationships, sexual health and LGBT+ issues.

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