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IBISWorld: User Guide

About IBISWorld

IBISWorld is an online industry resource providing you with all the information you need to understand the operating conditions and long-term outlook of over 400 UK industries.

Each industry report provides detailed performance data and analysis on the market, supply chain, operating strengths and weaknesses, external drivers, major player market strategies and industry profit and cost structure benchmarks. 

The video below gives you an introduction to using the key features of IBISWorld:  

How to log in

On campus you will be automatically logged into IBISWorld

To access IBISWorld off campus you may be asked to sign in using your organizational account, login with your student/staff email address and network password.

If you have trouble logging in contact us. 

Starting a search

The search bar allows you to search all industries and reports for your keywords. Simply enter your keywords into the search bar. For example, keywords "Landrover Jaguar" are entered into the search box: 

The following results are returned and can be filtered on the left:


Using Industry Reports

Getting started

At the very top of the report there are buttons which allow you to:

Download Report PDF Save the report as a PDF

Print Report Print the report

iExpert Report View an iExpert summary of key information.

Search within report Search within the report. 

Tutorial Watch a tutorial for help using IBIS World.

Reading the report

Below these buttons, there are tabs for each chapter of the report. Click on a tab to go to that chapter of the report. 

For example, click on the Major Companies tab to find information about the Jaguar Land Rover company.

Top Tip: IBISWorld vs Wikipedia

Who doesn't love Wikipedia? We all use it--it's a quick and easy place to learn more about a subject. However, as you hopefully already know, anyone can write and edit Wikipedia articles. This means Wikipedia can be good for increasing your knowledge and understanding of a subject but shouldn’t be taken as fact or used as a reference in assignments.

If you want information that has been written and reviewed by experts, IBISWorld is ideal. It analyses official and publicly available sources from government agencies, international bodies, industry associations and companies' financial statements, and combines these with in-house data and modelling to provide the most accurate revenue and profit data and forecasts available. You can be confident in IBISWorld to deliver accurate data.