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English Language (GCSE): Paper 2 - Non-Fiction

Paper 2

Writers’ viewpoints and perspectives

Paper 2 makes up 50% of your overall grade in GCSE English Language.

Section A is four questions on two unseen non-fiction texts, one from the 19th Century and a second from either the 20th or 21st Century. Section B is a writing task.


Non-fiction means: 

Informative writing using facts and real life evidence to explore an issue or argument, or to document true life circumstances. 

The resources below will help you to practise and build skills needed to succeed in English Language paper 2 - such as persuasive writing and reading with critical judgment. 

Exam Paper 2 - Reading section

19th century non-fiction

20th century non-fiction

21st century non-fiction

Exam Paper 2 - Writing section: