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Digimap for Colleges: User Guide

About Digimap for Colleges

Digimap for Colleges provides easy access to a range of up to date Ordnance Survey digital mapping for Great Britain. You can access detailed maps showing building outlines, street level maps, road atlas style maps and maps for outdoor activities.

It also offers a range of annotation tools including points, lines, text and images which gives you the power to use the maps how you want and to be creative.

Any map you create can be saved, printed or you can create an image file to drop into a report or presentation. In the image below we searched for The Manchester College Fielden Campus by using the post code. 

How to log in

Digimaps is currently only available on campus from a college computer. You will be logged in automatically. If asked to sign in using your organizational account, use your student/staff email address and network password.

How to use Digimaps

Digimaps have provided a number of videos to help you make the most of using the online resource. Here's one to get you started, but more can be found on the Digimap YouTube channel.

Key features

  • Up-to-date maps for Great Britain
  • Easy search function so you can find locations using place names and post codes
  • Add notes, symbols and images to highlight your maps
  • Measure distance and area, and define distances from points and lines
  • Save and print all map annotations
  • Create maps in pdf and jpeg formats for printing and insertion into your assignments
  • Learning resources including the YouTube channel are available containing ideas about how to make the most of the site