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Computer Sciences, Software and Engineering: Online Resources

Up to date tools for Computer Sciences and Software Engineering

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Recommended Videos

Youtube channels recommended by Computer Sciences and Engineering Tutors

Computerphile - How do you pick the perfect password? Is it as simple as XKCD make out, or is there more to it? Dr Mike Pound follows on from his password cracking.

Yatish Parmar - Data representation, binary, programming paradigms and data structures are just some of the programs available.

Numberphile - One of the first people to stumble over imaginary numbers (namely the square root of -15) thought it was "subtle" and "useless".

John Philip Jones - Python programming, Boolean Algebra and combinational circuit designs are just some of the video tutorials. 

Aldenham A-level Computing - Architecture, computing and systems, software and hardware explained.

LevelUpTuts - Tutorials on Programming languages, Drupal, Visual Studio code, software installation and engineering.

New Online Resources

Digital and IT Training provided by JISC,

Curriculum mapped digital and IT resource package

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