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Assignment Survival Kit: Resources

Choosing the right resources

There are thousands of books, ebooks, websites and journal articles to choose from.

Think about the strengths and weaknesses of different resources.

Which resources do you need for your assignment?

Books and eBooks

✅Books and eBooks are a good way of getting in-depth information about a subject.

✅Books are written by experts and are fact-checked by publishers.

❌Books are not always up-to-date with the latest developments.


✅ There is a huge amount of information freely available online. Use your subject guide and the library's A-Z of online resources to find websites that you can trust.

❌ Not all websites are suitable sources. Learn how to spot fake news.

❌ Google and Wikipedia are not good tools for academic research.

Journal articles

✅Journals contain up-to-date academic research that has been peer-reviewed by experts. Search Discover for journals.

❌ Journal articles are usually about a very specific topic. Books and websites are usually better for an introduction or general overview of a topic.


✅ Newspapers contain up-to-date news and opinions.

Newspaper archives can tell you what happened at any particular time, and how it was reported.

❌ Reporting of events may be biased. Learn how to spot fake news.

Subject guides

Your subject guides show you the best books, eBooks, journals and websites for your course.

Use your subject guide as a starting point for your research.

Book a library skills session to learn:

  • how to find information for assignments and exams
  • how to search for books, ebooks, academic journal articles and more
  • how to reference and avoid plagiarism

Ask in the library or click here to book online.