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Arden School of Theatre: Journals

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What are journal articles?

Journal articles are short papers written on a narrow topic area. They are part of larger issues called journals, which are published on a regular basis.   Consequently they are usually more up-to-date than books. 

Journal articles are normally very specific so you must know what you are looking for when searching for them.   If your topic is still broad then stick with books initially until you narrow it down.


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How to search using Discover

Searching on EBSCO Discover will look for everything the library has to offer: books, ebooks, cds, dvds and journal articles.  

Most academic journal articles (the sort of articles you will need) are found online. There are thousands of journal articles stored on the EBSCO Discover databases supplied by a variety of providers. When you are looking for online journal articles, you need to put good keywords into the search box and spell them correctly or the results will be disappointing.

For help searching for journal articles on EBSCO databases visit the library desk or email your subject librarian

How do I read an academic article?

1. Read the abstract (overview) to check if it's relevant

2. Check the authority of the author

3. Are there any references?

4. Skim the paragraphs - look for your keywords

5. Is there a literature review (discussion of the literature already written) near the beginning?

6. Read the conclusion

7. If it looks ok and relevant you can then take your time over it in more detail

Journals and Newspapers - print and online

Journals - a selection of what is available - online only