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Printing, copying and scanning: Home

Print credit

Students are given a starting credit for printing and copying, scanning is free. When your credit runs out you can pay for extra at the library desk.

Printing Prices

  • A4 black & white: 5p
  • A4 colour: 10p
  • A3 black & white: 10p
  • A3 colour: 20p

Default Print Settings

All printing is defaulted to black & white, double-sided. If you need to change these options, access the Printer Properties menu in the application you are printing from.

Register your ID card with a printer

Printers are found in the libraries and in other areas on each campus. You can print, photocopy and scan to your student/staff email. 

You will need to register your ID card at one of the printers by using the card reader. Then enter your student email address ( or staff ID and password. Once registered, scanning your card on the reader will log you in automatically. Any printing you have sent will be waiting to be released. Remember to log off when you have finished.