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Library Induction: Home

Getting Started

Your Library is here to support your learning experience and to help you to get the skills that you need to be independent in your studies. This induction guide will help you get started with logging into your student/staff account and using your Library. 

Once you have received your student/staff ID card, we suggest that you follow these first steps to help you get started with your account:

1. Log on to a college computer

2. Explore MyDay - your student portal

3. Find where to save your work

4. Register your ID card with a printer

1. Log on to a college computer

PCs, Macs and laptops are available to use in our libraries and are bookable at the library desk. 

Log on to the college network with your student email address ( or staff ID and your password. Your password is initially set to your date of birth in the following 8 digit format: ddmmyyyyy

How to reset your password

2. MyDay: your student portal

MyDay is your student portal. Here you will find links to:

  • Student Email
  • Moodle
  • My ILP
  • OneDrive
  • Discover your Library
  • Careers and Welfare
  • Shout Out
  • Student Experience
  • College News and Events

You can also access your student account information:

  • Printing Balance
  • My Timetable
  • My Attendance
  • Calendar
  • My Tasks

3. Find where to save your work

Remember to save your work regularly in the correct place. 

Your storage areas: 

H Drive

Your Home Drive is your personal storage area on the college network. When using a college computer this can be found by opening My Computer and is identified by your student number or staff ID. Your H drive is not accessible out of college. 

Do not save to the Desktop or any other folder, or work will be cleared when you log off. 


You will also receive online storage with Microsoft OneDrive. If you save your work to OneDrive you can access your files from anywhere, on any device. You can also share documents with others and work together.

OneDrive can be accessed via MyDay. When using Microsoft Office look for the OneDrive icon when saving your work. 

We recommend that you use online or external storage (external hard drive, USB) to back up your work. 

Saving work on Macs: If you are working on a Mac you always need to save online or externally. The Macs do not connect to your H drive. 

Register your ID card with a printer

Printers are found in the libraries and in other areas on each campus. You can print, photocopy and scan to your student/staff email. 

You will need to register your ID card at one of the printers by using the card reader. Then enter your student email address ( or staff ID and password. Once registered, scanning your card on the reader will log you in automatically. Any printing you have sent will be waiting to be released. You need to remember to log off when you have finished. 

All students are given a starting allowance for printing and copying, scanning is free. When your credit runs out you can purchase extra at the Library desk. 

Take me to the printing guide

Using your library and resources

Your ID Card

You will receive your student/staff ID card after you enrol. 

Please make sure you wear your ID card when you are in college. 

Your ID card is your library card. 

You will need it to borrow library materials, release your print jobs and to change your account password. 


Wifi is available to use on every campus. Simply choose the TMC network and log in with your student email address ( or staff ID and password.